Friday, March 19, 2010

History at Our House

For History this year we are currently studying the Early Middle Ages.  I know the kids won't remember a lot of what we are studying but I'm hoping the exposure they get and the fun they have learning about this time period will carrying into the future and give them a basis to build off of later.  Besides, I'm learning a lot even if they aren't!  One of the things we do each week is add figures to our timeline.  These might be important people or significant events we studied during the week and is the kids' favorite part of their history studies.  Each week they love to look at all of the figures they have added and find their favorite one.  In "A"'s case, the best figure is the most colorful or pinkest one on the board (typical girl).  The boys tend to like the ones that are somehow associated with some type of destruction (typical boy).


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