Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  It all stems from a complete mis-understanding that happened on the very first Valentine's Day we spent together (okay, it was all my fault.... I stuck my foot in my big mouth!).  So, ever since that first Valentine's Day we have chosen not to participate in the completely commercialized holiday.  We figure what is the point of celebrating a holiday that is really all about making money for the flower, candy, and card industry just to try to prove we love each other.... we already know where we stand on that issue.  But, every few years, out of the blue, my husband decides to surprise me with his own version of a Valentine's gift.  Today, just such a surprise arrived in the mail for me.  It was a gift that was completely frivolous, something I never would have bought for myself, very thoughtful, and showed just how much my husband loves me.  The attached card said "Happy Valentine's Day.  Our Valentine's Day"!

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